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    What to Look for During an Open House

    Not sure what to look for during the next Open House Celebration? Here’s your checklist! Continue

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    Five Ways to Save Money in Your New Home

    The boxes are (almost) unpacked, you figured out the closest pizza delivery, and you changed your address. Moving into a new place can be costly, so we've got some tips on how to save money with a few minor tweaks. Continue

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    7 Common Real Estate Terms — Defined

    If you want to enter the market or just learn more about real estate but can’t get past the jargon, worry no more! Use this guide to familiarize yourself with these common real estate terms. Continue

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    What to Expect When Buying Waterfront Properties

    If you’re looking for your own slice of waterfront paradise, there are more factors to consider than when buying a landlocked home! Continue

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    Five Ways To Organize Your New Home

    Often, people contact organizers when things have gotten out-of-hand. Organizers can definitely help in those situations, but if you are moving into a new home, you have a unique opportunity to start things off on the right foot BEFORE things get out of hand. Now is the time to really think through the space you are about to move in to and the organizational needs of your family. Continue

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    The Home Buying Process in 10 Steps

    Buying a home involves a lot of moving pieces — so don’t get lost in the shuffle! Here’s what it takes to purchase your dream home. Continue

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    Stay Organized, Post-Move

    You’ve bought your dream home! Unfortunately, the work isn’t over once you leave the closing table. Moving is a delicate process that requires high levels of organization at every touchpoint — and unpacking is no exception! Instead of unpacking the first box off the truck, devise a plan to keep your de-boxing organized from the get-go. Continue

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    Fall Moving Tips

    Fall is an excellent time to move-in to your new home! The weather is crisp and (usually) dry, you still have a good amount of sunlight, and you can stop for your favorite fall beverages on all those trips back and forth between your old house and your new house! Our friends at Zaarly asked their movers for tips to make your fall move a successful one. Continue