July Home Maintenance Checklist | Jason Mummert

July Home Maintenance Checklist

July Home Maintenance Checklist

It’s heating up in Kansas City! July is a great month to get your home ready before the end of summer kicks into high gear. It’s also a great time to throw a few backyard parties and enjoy your space to its fullest. Get all of those small (or big) tasks out of the way so when August rolls around, you’ve got less to worry about.

Serious Summer Organizing

Summer is a great time to get your home organized! It’s a great time to go through and organize things like school clothes, books, kids art projects and toys. Summer is also a great time to help parents and grandparents right-size their home if they are considering moving into a space that suits them better.

Cindy Murphy with Downsizing Simplified

Get Rid of the Junk

Summer is the perfect time for projects and big changes. Clear out junk and the remnants of construction projects and remove and replace old appliances. Clear out space before you change things up in the fall. It’s also a great time to remove yard debris!

Seth Kakuske with The Junkluggers

Make Your Yard Mosquito Proof (ish)

Nothing ruins a good backyard get-together like mosquitos. There are a few things you can do to make your yard mosquito-proof:

  • Make sure there is no standing water in places like kid pools, toys and on your deck.
  • Keep your grass cut short.
  • Consider a few placed citronella candles or torches.

Joe Geist with KC Lawn Services

Service Your Pool!

You’ll want to keep your pool clean and healthy all summer. Getting on a regular pool maintenance schedule will not only keep your pool looking beautiful, but will also keep it from unexpected pool problems. Save time and have the pros look after your pool all summer.
Also, pro tip: Get on a pool closing schedule now. Don’t wait until the end of August!

Lisa Renee with Picture Perfect Pools

Power Wash, Repair and Seal Your Driveway

Driveways tend to get neglected in the summer. Have your driveway power washed to remove any debris and see what’s going on. Be sure to check for holes and cracks and have them filled. After that, you’ll want to have your driveway sealed. This will keep your driveway in good shape for years to come.

Scott Brewington with Rock Solid Concrete Sealing

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